About Us

MFL Insurance Group Ltd (MFL) was established in 1997 following a successful Management Buy-Out. We provide professional services firms in the United Kingdom with first-class advice in relation to insurance risks they face daily and how they can best transfer those risks to the insurance market.

We specialise in analysis, management and insurance of risk for professional practices, science & technology businesses and corporate clients. We also provide assistance with the individual responsibilities of partners, directors, officers and trustees that manage them.

MFL Ethos

Our specialist nature means MFL is more than equipped to provide outstanding quality and practicality of advice on the complex and business critical issues of professional liability risk. Our clients remain loyal to us not only for our broking expertise, but also for the added value we provide in the areas of claims handling and risk control.

Our business ethos is twofold:

To protect our clients’ balance sheets

To protect our clients’ professional reputation

MFL Specialist Divisions

Specialist insurance broking teams handle the professional risk requirements of our clients in the following three divisions:

MFL Professional

This division handles the insurance needs of the traditional professions and certain ‘miscellaneous’ professional business.

MFL Affinity

The Affinity division arranges and administers a number of exclusive professional indemnity insurance schemes for the members of various professional institutes and associations, dealing also with the other insurance needs of those clients.

MFL Science & Technology

MFL Science & Technology arranges the insurance needs of those clients in the emerging science and technology sectors.

PI Manager – Professional Liability Risk Control

For our larger professional clients, where a more sophisticated approach to professional liability risk control is required, we offer a range of integrated fee-based services, working closely with well-known professional liability lawyers and captive managers.

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