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Workplace Health & Safety: Don’t Ignore Near-miss Reporting

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Following a serious accident on-site, many employers respond by re-evaluating their workplace risks and controls to determine what went wrong and how they can reduce the likelihood of future incidents. But in reality, many work-related accidents can be prevented altogether with the implementation of an effective near-miss reporting system. Indeed, the HSE defines a near-miss […]

Sitting Is a Silent Killer: Help Employees Avoid Sedentary Risks in the Workplace

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While you might envision a high-risk workplace as one that places employees in frequent hazardous situations—such as handling machinery, dealing with dangerous substances or performing heavy lifting. Recent research revealed that sedentary behaviour (eg sitting for extended periods) is one of the largest culprits of work-related injury and ill-health. Indeed, over 80 per cent of […]

HSE News and Prosecutions – November 2018

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Waste Company Fined Following Workers’ Injuries in Explosion A waste company has been fined £100,000 and ordered to pay costs of £11,603.14 after two employees suffered burn injuries while processing flammable aerosol containers. The workers were processing aerosol canisters using an industrial plastic shredder. When using a gas-operated forklift to place the canisters into the […]

Upcoming Surprise HSE Construction Site Inspections to Focus on ‘Slow Killers’

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Beginning 1st October 2018, the HSE will be conducting its latest inspection initiative, focused on the construction sector. Employers can expect HSE surprise inspections to place an emphasis on ensuring workers are protected from long-term health complications, such as occupational lung disease, that typically result from asbestos, silica, wood or other dust exposure. These harmful […]

HSE News and Prosecutions – August 2018

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Oil Industry Giant Fined Following Employee Injury from Gas Cylinder Shell UK received a £60,000 fine after a technician suffered a serious injury from a gas cylinder on an offshore installation. When a technician rolled a cylinder along the floor and removed the protective cap, the trigger mechanism activated, releasing enough pressure to force the […]

HSE News and Prosecutions

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Warburtons Fined £1.9m After Injury to Agency Worker After a worker got his arm trapped in a conveyor belt, Warburtons Ltd was fined £1.9 million and ordered to pay full costs of £21,459.71. The worker was cleaning parts of the bread line whilst it was running, when his arm was caught. In its investigation, the […]