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Useful Links and Information

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ContentsCIAT Insurance Services LI Insurance Services CIEEM Insurance ServicesUseful links for those looking for more information about the services we offer to members of CIAT, LI, and CIEEM and businesses we closely work with. CIAT Insurance Services CIAT Insurance Services is administered by MFL Affinity, a division of MFL Insurance Group Ltd. Our involvement with […]

All done!

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  Thank you for your insurance information. We’ll contact you soon to let you know how our CAAV PII facility can help you. We will continue to provide updates on market conditions in the mean time. Don’t forget, we can talk to you about your insurances at any time, so if you would like advice […]

Shifting Foundations – Changes in the Insurance Market and Potential Contractual Impact for Constructions Professionals

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Everyone will have seen the age-old comedy sketch involving a patient being tapped on the knee by a Doctor with the following reaction being oddly timed and seemingly random. While this may be an unusual metaphor, it can be used to describe the current state of the insurance market in the post-Grenfell world. As you […]

Professional Insurance Solutions for CIOT & ATT Members

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The team at MFL Professional are proud to assist members in obtaining suitably competitive and compliant professional indemnity insurance (PII) Why Do CIOT & ATT Members Need a Specialist PII Policy? CIOT & ATT set out their own clearly defined rules highlighting the extent of the PII cover to be maintained by members. The nature […]

New Professional Indemnity Insurance Facilities for Manchester Law Society Members

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MFL Professional Insurance Brokers are pleased to announce the availability of two new Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) facilities for MLS members. The first is aimed at those practices of four or more partners, members, directors. This will cater for most areas of work with the exception of Personal Injury (see below on this point). So, […]

SRA Handbook Consultation Bulletin – A Threat to the Traditional Practice?

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Please find herewith our latest technical bulletin for solicitors ‘SRA Handbook Consultation Bulletin – A Threat to the Traditional Practice?’ Two Codes of Conduct, one of which enables solicitors to provide unreserved legal services through unregulated entities. Whilst you will be aware of the wider SRA Handbook Consultation discussions, have you considered its implications to […]

The Insurance Act 2015: What you need to know

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Insurance Act 2015: Important legal changes The IA 2015 makes some fundamental changes to the law regarding the disclosure of material facts and the effect of policy wordings. Our latest bulletin explains the key points that you need to know. In part, you need to understand the new duty to make a fair presentation of […]