Cyber risks – how they affect your business

By Kevin McParland
Magnifying Glass - MFL News

Everywhere you turn, the prefix ‘cyber’ has replaced the letter ‘e’ to describe everything from culture to bullying. We find ourselves drinking coffee whilst sitting in cyber cafés, surfing in cyberspace and cyber dating with our online friends! But in the business environment, we are increasingly coming across terms like “cyber risks”, “cyber terrorism” and “hacktivists”.

But what does it mean and how does it relate to your practice? When you think of cyber risks don’t think it’s about supercomputers or something that doesn’t affect you. Know that much of it comes down to data security breaches and subsequent loss of data. The threat posed by cyber risks is now as tangible as physical threats to a firm’s assets and is faced by any business dealing with electronic data whether that’s online, held on servers, computers or on mobile devices.

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