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FATCA Certificate
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CIOT & ATT PI Proposal Form
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CIOT & ATT Bulletin 04 – How Do You Manage The Criminal Finances Act
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CIOT & ATT Bulletin 03- Claims Against Tax Consultants
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CIOT & ATT Bulletin 02 – Helping Members Reduce Their Exposures
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CIOT ATT Bulletin 01-New PII Scheme For CIOT ATT Members
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Privacy Notice
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Benefits of Cyber Insurance
25.06.18 Cyber Insurance is one of the least understood, yet vital, types of insurance, especially as technology becomes increasingly important for successful business operations, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) promising much stricter penalties for lax data security, the value of a strong cyber insurance policy will continue to grow. No matter your business' size, location or occupation, the nature of the modern business world exposes you to cyber-related threats. A cyber attack not only threatens your finances and disrupts your operations, it also has the potential to tarnishes your reputation. To protect your business from the devastating fallout of a cyber attack, it's vital that you protect your business with a robust cyber insurance policy. Read our Benefits of Cyber Insurance document to understand more about how a cyber insurance policy can be created to suit your needs and the number of important benefits which may be provided. To download the pdf document click on the image below or contact a member of our team today on 0161 236 2532 or  
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DTE Connect Proposal Form
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Contracts and the Need for Certainty
27.03.18 You met the Client for the first time, they were impressed with your suggestions and ideas, a fee has been agreed and off you go. While you are in this ‘honeymoon’ period, everything seems positive, but the position may change as the contract progresses, and situations may arise where there ceases to be such a meeting of minds and then it can become a game of ‘he said, she said’ with the Client and matters can quickly spiral out of control.
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