Gameinsure proposal form

By kjudge

Method Of Completion

• This proposal form may be completed in ink or electronically, provided you print out an original and sign and date the declaration;
• ALL questions must be answered (if necessary comment as “not applicable” or “none”);
• Please review the complete document before signing and dating the declaration;
• A faxed or electronic copy will enable work to commence on your behalf straight away.


• Insurers see many proposals during the course of a working day and it is therefore important that your proposal form is completed fully, clearly and accurately. First impressions really do count here;
• If there is insufficient space in the proposal form or simply to provide underwriters with a better understanding of your experience, expertise or activities, please supply additional information on your letter headed paper;
• CVs of your principals should be supplied if you have not previously been insured or if any principal has been in their current position fewer than five years;
• Standard contract conditions, brochures or other marketing material should be supplied if this helps to describe the activities undertaken or the potential professional liabilities faced;


• You have a legal duty to disclose to insurers all material information which may affect their judgement in determining whether to provide you with insurance and if so on what terms. In the case of renewal of existing insurance arrangements, this includes any material changes to information already disclosed to insurers;

• If you are in any doubt as to whether or not information is material, you should disclose it, even if there is no specific relevant question in the proposal form;

• It is particularly important to disclose all potential professional negligence claims that may be made against you and to notify your current underwriters of such matters as appropriate;

• Failure to disclose material information may give underwriters the right to avoid any contract of insurance they may subsequently issue, with the consequence that you will not be protected for any claims notified under that insurance.