Entries and nominations invited for CIEEM Awards 2015

By Karolyn Judge
Broking Manager Joe Aspinall, Outstanding Professional award winner Steve Bond and Director Martin Jackson celebrate Steve's win at the CIEEM Awards 2014

McParland Finn Ltd is pleased to hear that entries and nominations for the CIEEM Awards 2015 are open.

McParland Finn supports CIEEM’s commitment to celebrate the profession’s contribution to a more sustainable environment.

This is reflected in our sponsorship of the Promising Professional award and endorsement of the Outstanding Professional award at the previous – and first – CIEEM Awards in 2014. We presented Will Bond, Managing Director of environmental restoration and creation company Alaska Environmental Contracting, with the prestigious prize. 

The Chartered Institute of Ecological and Environmental Management released details on their website about next year’s awards luncheon, which will take place at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on Thursday 25th June 2015.

Visit the website for more information about the awards, plus entering or making a nomination for the CIEEM Awards 2015.

*Photo credit: Steve Burden

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