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  • Contents at premises (excluding laptops and computers) (£)
  • Computers and ancillary equipment at the premises (£)
  • Laptops used away from the premises (£)
  • Equipment used away from the premises (excluding laptops)
  • Buildings (£)
  • Tenant's Improvements (£)
  • Annual Rent Payable (£)
  • Length of rental agreement (months)
  • Additional cost of working or gross revenue
  • ACOW or gross revenue sum insured (£)
  • ACOW or gross revenue indemnity period
  • Public and products liability limit of indemnity
    Can you confirm that the building(s) are constructed with external wall of brick, stone or concrete and roofed with slates, tiles or profiled metal?
    Can you confirm that you are the sole occupant of your premises or where the site is also occupied by others that their activities are office based only?
    Can you confirm that no parts of the premises are vacant or unoccupied?
    Can you confirm that the property has never been damaged or shown signs of subsidence/heave/cracking internally or externally?
    Have you had any claims within the last 5 years (If you've answered 'yes', please provide full details)?