Here’s What Your Business Can Learn From the Notre Dame Fire

By mjackson

As flames engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral this past April, such a tragedy emphasised the grim reality that no building is immune to the costly consequences of a fire.

Review these lessons learned from past fire disasters to ensure your organisation is practising proper fire prevention and mitigation methods:

  • Eliminate common causes—Try to eliminate commonly overlooked causes of fires, such as on-site smoking, overloaded circuits and improper electrical installations.


  • Control the flames—If a fire does occur on your property, it’s crucial to have controls in place to keep the flames from spreading. This includes compartmentation (installing separating walls) and an effective sprinkler system.


  • Communicate with contractors—If you have contractors on-site, it’s vital to discuss the responsibilities of each party for reducing fire-related risks—especially if hot work is involved.