Limitation periods for medical devices

By Matthew Wilson, Senior Associate at Mills and Reeve LLP
Surgeons in theatre about to use medical devices

Matthew Wilson, Senior Associate at Mills & Reeve LLP has written the following advisory article. It has been reproduced with the kind permission of Mills and Reeve LLP.

A number of recent cases have highlighted the claimant industry around product liability compensation claims.

Well publicised class actions around such matters as PIP breast implants, orthopaedic knee and hip implants and mesh implants have alerted the medical professions, as well as the manufacturers of such products, to the risks they run if they are at all involved in the supply chain of these products. Insurers responding to market demands are looking at policies that combine product liability cover alongside professional indemnity. In addition the medical professions are looking more critically at the terms and conditions applying to their independent/ private practices and taking advice about how they can avoid becoming embroiled in the supply and distribution arguments in the first place.

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