MFL beats previous year’s total in the fight against cancer

By Karolyn Judge

Staff and visitors helped to raise £200.00 for the 2014 World’s Biggest Coffee Morning – nearly a quarter more cash than the previous year.

Sweet and savoury treats from MFL’s master bakers, games and 2 special raffles meant we trumped on 2013’s total of £160.00.

The day saw us raise £170.00 and the sale of Macmillan raffle tickets amounted to £30.00.

Our savoury selection of pancetta and cheese swirls, quiches and homemade crumpets proved a hit for those who wanted a balance of flavours.

Director Gary Housecroft guessed the nearest amount in the hundreds and thousands game, while broker Ian Bush selected the cup of coffee with the double shot. They both picked up cash prizes.

Business Development Coordinator Shelly Olubudon won a bottle of Cava and a chocolate fudge cake in our in-house raffle.

Shelly, who also organised the day, said a ‘big thank you’ to those that attended and participated. Here’s to next year!


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