Professional Values, Issue 3

By Jon Leese
Professional Values, December 2014 issue

Dear CAAV members,

Please find the latest version of our Professional Values newsletter available to download here, and below. This edition provides you with constructive advice on the operation of the claims handling conditions within Professional Indemnity Insurance Policies. PII market conditions continue to be very tough, and one of the consequences of this is that insurers are now much stricter in their handling of claims under their policies: you are far more likely to have a claim turned down for non-disclosure of a material fact or for breaches of the claims policy conditions than you were a few years ago.

Those members who are already insured through MFL Professional will know that we are very selective about the insurers that we use. The current CAAV Scheme Insurers, Zurich Insurance plc, through whom we place most of our rural surveyors’ PII business, are particularly fair and reasonable in the handling of claims, as well as possessing a high degree of expertise both in-house and through their panel solicitors. In the current market, this professionalism and integrity cannot be underestimated. It is what you pay your PII premiums for.

As always, please let me know if you have any queries arising from the content of this newsletter. If you are not yet an MFL client, I would be delighted to discuss your firm’s PII needs and requirements with you.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Leese, LLB FCII
Director and Chartered Insurance Broker
MFL Professional

Download a copy of issue 3 of Professional Values, here.

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