RCN indemnity changes

By Vickie Rhodes
Download MFL Science and Technology's technical bulletin - 'Important information for medical care businesses: Changes to the RCN indemnity scheme' by clicking on the image above.

The Royal College of Nursing has sought to clarify its stance in relation to its employed members.

On 4th February 2014, its website published an announcement which confirmed: With effect from 1st July 2014, work undertaken by RCN members is excluded from their indemnity scheme.

The RCN stressed that it believes the onus to insure any potential liability attaching to employed nurses lies with their employer ie. the company.

This clarification further emphasises the need for medical care businesses to arrange corporate medical malpractice insurance which indemnifies those employees that do not benefit from individual insurance or indemnity protection.

In addition, the company may also be exposed to potential vicarious liability in relation to claims against doctors and other medical professionals.

For more information on the RCN indemnity changes, click here to read MFL’s separate Vicarious Liability Technical Bulletin.

MFL is experienced in arranging medical malpractice insurance cover to protect businesses and should you wish to discuss how the RCN announcement affects your business please contact one of the team.

For the full announcement visit the RCN website.

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