Recent Cyber Security News and Prosecutions

By mjackson

Experts Claim that 80 percent of Cyber-attacks are Preventable

According to the former head of cyber-crime at the National Crime Agency, 80 percent of cyber-attacks are preventable. To help ensure that your organisation is able to prevent as many cyber-threats as possible, it is important that you regularly update your network security, install and update anti-virus and anti-malware software on all your organisation’s computers, and provide your employees with cyber-security training.

Password Expert Regrets and Revises Past Advice

Even though you most likely don’t recognise his name, Bill Burr is the individual responsible for the widely held guidance on how to craft a strong password by including capital letters, numbers and symbols. However, Burr has recently stated that he regrets this advice, as the more often a person is asked to change his or her password, the weaker it becomes. In response, the National Cyber Security Centre has issued its own password creation guidance, which requires your organisation to change all its default passwords to a random collection of words that are stored in a password manager.

Separate GDPR Fact from Fiction with the ICO’s Blog Series, ‘GDPRmyths’

In an attempt to demystify the forthcoming GDPR, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has launched a new blog, GDPRmyths. Each entry on the blog is intended to separate myths about the GDPR from facts. Some current posts cover data breach reporting, data protection and consent. You can read these posts by visiting