Solicitors – Are you buying Cyber Cover?

By Richard Gledhill
Business people at desk

How do you perceive the threat to yourselves from cyber crime and other technology related exposures?  Where do you start?

There has been much publicity regarding the threat to businesses from cyber attacks. Suffice to say, cyber crime most definitely is now a reality and not just a threat. You will no doubt already have considered your response to this threat and taken appropriate measures in terms of the security of your technology systems.

A Cyber Insurance policy may then complement those measures taken by providing a last line of defence in transferring that element of risk you do not wish to shoulder yourselves.

Whilst a degree of cover may be afforded for certain third party cyber liability exposures under your Law Society Minimum Terms and Conditions (MTC) Professional Indemnity (PI) policy, many other exposures will not be covered there. This is where Cyber Insurance cover can help.

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