Insurance for Architectural Technologists

Architectural Technologists will be pleased to hear how MFL Affinity has CIAT’s uninterrupted endorsement.

We are proud to have had the uninterrupted endorsement of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists as the preferred providers of insurance services to its members for over 15 years.

This relationship means that we are perfectly suited to understand the requirements of your business when it comes to dealing with your insurance demands. Our approach ensures each member receives the appropriate professional advice on policy cover, quotation submissions to insurers and claims. Additionally, our sophisticated techniques for assessing premium levels ensure that the costs remain competitive.

Some of the insurance products offered:

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This is very much our flagship product and the bedrock of the insurance services we offer to CIAT members. The only PI scheme endorsed by CIAT has evolved over many years, providing extremely wide civil liability cover for a huge range of professional services.

In addition, the policy will also cover as standard:

• Legal Costs in defending criminal prosecutions under all legislation which affects your business such as the Wildlife & Countryside Act, Health & Safety legislation, Environment Act, Data Protection Act, where the outcome may influence a claim

• Fees Recovery. To avoid incurring a claim under the policy Insurers may settle your outstanding fee bill, if that may head off a counter claim

• Indemnity for use of Sub Consultants. You’re indemnified for the negligence of subconsultants engaged by you to perform work on your behalf

Introduction of reduced rates

The CIAT scheme is now more competitive than ever, with the majority of customers saving up to 25% on their renewable premium rates. While retaining the excellent quality of cover provided, it continues to be one of the best available in the market. New customers will be able to take advantage of these reductions with immediate effect. Talk to us to see how much you can save.

New: Home Warranty Insurance

Working in partnership with LABC Warranty, CIAT Insurance Services can now offer a range of comprehensive home warranty insurance products to CIAT members involved in the design and development of both new build and conversion projects.

For further detailed information please visit the dedicated CIAT Insurance Services website. Alternatively, contact an MFL Affinity representative.