Claims advice and guidance service

The true test of any insurance policy is when a claim occurs. MFL Affinity’s in-house claims handling specialists provide the backbone of our added-value services to all clients. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t just provide a ‘transactional’ broking function.

Our qualified, dedicated claims handling team is available to advise you the client, throughout the claims process, with claimants, underwriters and solicitors alike, always taking care that your professional interests and reputation are recognized and not prejudiced.

This valuable ‘hands-on’ claims advice and guidance will extend to include when required, representation of you: the client, at meetings with insurers and their legal advisers.


The MFL Affinity PII Scheme provides the following services:

• Claims handling

• Legal assistance helpline

Benefits to you

• The advice is free

• The advice you receive is from experienced and qualified professional indemnity litigation lawyers, from the outset

• The MFL Affinity Scheme Managers have taken great care to select lawyers with a proven track record in this role

Claims handling

On receiving a claim or becoming aware of a circumstance which may give rise to a claim, you will need to make an initial notification to MFL Affinity and provide them with full details of the matter.

Following this you will be contacted by Barbican Protect Legal Services who will provide a ‘cradle to grave’ claims handling service.

They will assess and monitor your claims and provide you with advice and assistance as appropriate.

We would ask that you provide them such co-operation and assistance as they may require, which may include preserving documents that may be relevant to the claim or circumstance.

In some cases, Barbican Protect Legal Services may appoint a Solicitor or Loss Adjuster to act in the investigation, defence and settlement of any claims. MFL Affinity will also be on-hand to provide any additional guidance and support you may require at any time during the claims process.

Legal assistance helpline

Barbican Protect Legal Services provides fast, efficient telephone assistance for one-off queries relating to the conduct of your business. The aim of the service is to point you in the right direction in relation to matters of concern. It is not a substitute for full legal advice from your own solicitor.

Common enquiries relate to:

• Construction problems in the construction industry

• Problems encountered on site

• Procedures for pursuing/defending claims

• Copyright issues

• Party Wall Act issues

• Certification issues

Who to contact

Notify your claim by contacting us, in writing or via telephone.

Legal assistance and claims handling helpline*:

Barbican Protect Legal Services
King’s House
42 King Street West
M3 2NU
T: 0161 838 6998
F: 0161 838 4389

*(This helpline will not be able to assist with your insurance requirements. Your insurance requirements should be directed towards MFL Affinity on: 0161 236 2532)