FTI Scheme – Cover Cancellation Request Page

We’re sorry to hear that you don’t wish to renew your Professional Indemnity Insurance policy and we would request that you complete and submit this form.

Due to the nature of how all Professional Indemnity insurance is arranged in the UK and which is explained in the “Cover Cancellation Disclosure” below.  Our recommendation to all clients from all types of professions in the UK whether that is Translation or Interpreting, Accountancy, Legal services is to continue with cover for a period following the cessation of activities. Thus to ensure cover is in place should a subsequent claim arise against past work

For peace of mind and new for 2017, we are now able to offer a six-year Run-Off insurance policy for 100% of your expiring premium. Subject to you being on the facility for two years or more and claims free.

If after consideration you wish to continue with a Run-Off insurance policy please complete the form below and tick the box next to “Provide Run-Off Cover”.

  • This can be found on all your renewal invite documents
  • Cover Cancellation Disclosure
  • We would remind you that the all Professional Indemnity Insurance cover purchased in the UK is arranged on a “claims made” basis. This means that a policy will cover all claims first notified during the current period of insurance irrespective of whether or not the claim arises from current work or past work. Therefore, in the absence of a continuing policy, there is no cover whatsoever in force for either current work or past work. Although it may be your intention to arrange the policy when the need arises, underwriters may wish to exclude any previous period of cover.
  • RUN-OFF Option
  • New for 2017 and for peace of mind we can now provide a six-year "Run-Off" policy. This is subject to you being insured on the FTI PI facility for a period of two years or more and claims free. This is for the Professional Indemnity section only and the premium charged for this option is 100% of your expiring premium. For more information please select "Run-Off Cover Required" from the options listed below.