MLS Risk Updates From MFL

This is a directory of articles published in the Manchester Law Society “Messenger” magazine.

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Disclosure of Your Professional Indemnity Insurance Details | May 2018

Current Issues Impacting Solicitors Professional Liability Insurance | April 2018

NOW AVAILABLE: Intellectual Property (IP) Insurance | March 2018

MFL Professional Merges with Solicitor Assist | February 2018

PI Insurance — Ground Rents: Impact on Conveyancing Firms? | January 2018

Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance: Important Considerations | December 2017

What Is An Appropriate Level of Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Cover? | November 2017

New Entrants In The Professional Indemnity Insurance Market: Helping Members? | September 2017

“Delay” and “SRA Investigations” Why you need to pay them some attention! | August 2017

Time To Check Your Cyber Cover? | July 2017

SRA To Push Again For Changes to PII Minimum Terms & Conditions? | June 2017

Aggregation and Professional Indemnity Insurance – AIG v Woodman & Others | May 2017

Conveyancing & Professional Indemnity Insurance – The Impact of Imposter Fraud? | April 2017

The Notary Public and Professional Indemnity Insurance – Is A Specific Policy A Good Idea? | March 2017

Why Do Insurers Ask For Your Financial Accounts? | February 2017

New Legislation To Impact PII? | January 2017