Cyber Insurance for Solicitors

Cyber Insurance facility for all clients working in the legal sector.

The MFL Cyber Facility dovetails with your Law Society Minimum Terms & Conditions PI Insurance policy, avoiding some of the issues that may otherwise arise in terms of double insurance, with the Cyber Insurers acting as ‘first port of call’ in the event of a claim and ensuring a smooth claims handling process from start to finish.

In considering the cyber risk and quoting accordingly, our ‘A’ rated Insurers will take into account security measures implemented. Cyber Security conferences, seminars etc, often put together by the Law Society or its local affiliates promote awareness of the measures that can be taken in order to minimise and mitigate potential threat. If this is something you haven’t done, please do contact us to discuss further.

If you are already using, or considering using the services of appropriate Technology Specialists (e.g. for provision of a fully managed Cloud service tailored for law firms or Penetration Testing and Threat Monitoring, then due consideration will appropriately be given by Insurers of this facility when providing you with a quotation on the grounds that, e.g. you are able to evidence that the exposure faced by your firm in terms of your data (how it is used, who accesses it, how difficult it might be to breach etc) is lower than it might be otherwise. Where appropriate security measures can be shown to be in place, a Cyber policy is effected and as this cover develops over time, we would envisage being able to negotiate savings in your PI insurance premiums, in view of the clear link between each policy, ie Cyber and PII.

We would be more than happy to call at your office should you wish, or alternatively you can complete a cyber insurance proposal form, which is available to download on the right hand side of this page.