Intellectual Property Insurance

I have some IP to protect. What are my insurance options?

Legal expenses cover only – The most cost effective way to insure against a financial loss caused by IP litigation is to simply cover the legal costs of pursuing or defending an action.

Full Intellectual Property insurance – Such policies also provide cover for the legal costs of pursuing or defending an action but will also cover any damages awards against the business in a defence of a claim.

How do I obtain a quotation?

You will be required to complete an application form to be submitted to insurers. The form usually elicits enough information for insurers to provide a quotation however you may be asked to provide further details on receipt of your application.

What is the position on confidentiality?

We understand that the information you will supply is potentially commercially sensitive and confidential, however in order to obtain insurance you may be required to disclose some of this information to insurers. As specialists in this area MFL and the insurers that we use handle sensitive information on a regular basis and you can be sure of our utmost collective integrity in this area. To find out more, visit our Confidentiality page.