Insurance for Out of Hours and Urgent Care Providers

Sourcing appropriate insurance for your business can be difficult. With a constant stream of contracts and staff working across various sites it can be complex to ensure that you have the correct covers in place.

At Medinsure, we understand how your business operates as we work exclusively with healthcare businesses and understand that contracts are often awarded at short notice.

We have built an experienced and specialist team to help you arrange the cover that is right for your business and which conforms with your contractual requirements.

We work with specialist niche insurers to bring you exclusive products with enhanced wordings at competitive premiums which include:

• Civil Liability Professional Indemnity Cover – Which means that that claims arising from Maladministration, Defamation, Data & Confidentiality Breaches and Intellectual Property issues are automatically covered

• Indemnity to Principal – Cover automatically extends to include those parties to whom you provide services under contract e.g. NHS contracts

• Indemnity to Employees – Covers employees that do not benefit from their own individual indemnity or insurance protection including nurses *

• PR costs – Your costs to employ expert help in crisis situations

• 30 Day Extended Reporting Period – If no other cover is in place you have up to 30 days after expiry to make a claim

• Legal Helpline – Help when you need it on complaints handling, risk assessments, HR advice and other general legal issues

* Our policies can, subject to underwriting, include nurses, pharmacists, other healthcare professionals and administration staff to ensure that your business is protected in the event of a claim resulting from their work.

Insurance for doctors.

The cost of MDO indemnity is ever increasing particularly for doctors working Out of Hours. This has led to some organisations not being able to recruit doctors as the indemnity fees simply prove prohibitive. Additionally new initiatives to work 7 days a week prove harder to fund, staff and ultimately implement.

In partnership with our specialist insurers we have responded to this situation and have created a policy for organisations to insure their doctors’ clinical negligence at a favourable cost when compared to MDO subscriptions rates.

As the indemnity costs for doctors continue to rise we can advise if this is the best option for your organisation.

We can also arrange the following cover on your behalf, inter alia:-

• Directors’ & Officers’ Liability

• Property Damage

• Employer’s Liability Insurance

• Public/Products Liability Insurance

• Business Interruption

• Cyber Insurance

For further information, please contact:

Mark Philmore
Client Director
0161 236 2532