Insurance for Management Consultants (Science & Technology)

To find out more about PII for management consultants, download our fact sheet by following the link provided on the right hand side.

Depending on the type of work you are involved with you may be able to complete our on line application at the foot of the page. However, if your work involves any of the following you will need to complete a proposal form.

The law, investment of client funds, valuation, accountancy, auditing, tax, insolvency, liquidation, receivership, mergers, acquisitions or turnaround management, loss adjustment or assessment, pollution, construction project management or design for construction projects, offshore work and oil and gas, responsibility to your customers for the procurement of goods or services on their behalf, pricing or legally binding them in other ways. Work outside of the UK or work undertaken subject to a law other than UK law.

Download a proposal form by clicking here or on the right hand link provided.

For all other applications, confirm you have read our terms and conditions using the link provided on the right.