Combined insurance for research and development companies

As a technology business in a research and development * phase, your requirements do not differ from those of a mature business in terms of the type of insurance that you need. However, without commercial sales your business presents a very different risk profile to insurers. In particular, the creation of prototypes, models, samples or other items used for further research still creates a need for Product Liability cover. However, the risks are significantly reduced.

This is why our Science & Technology division has developed a specific insurance product in this area which can provide cover at a significantly reduced cost in respect of:

Employer’s Liability (Standard Cover)

Public and Products Liability (Standard Cover)

Business Assets (Optional)

Loss of Income (Optional)

How do I obtain a quotation on the research and development facility?

Working in close conjunction with insurers and many incubators and mentoring groups, we have created an on line application. In doing so, we have significantly reduced the amount of information you will have to supply by lodging basic information with insurers about many of the incubator and university facilities in the North and Midlands. If you are not in one of the listed facilities on the on line application please select ‘other’ and one of the team will be in touch with you for further information.


To qualify for this product, the business for which you are seeking insurance must not have made any previous commercial product sales nor have plans to do so in the forthcoming 12 months. Where such sales have been made or are proposed, please contact one of the team.

Before you complete our on line application, you will need the following information to hand.

1. Basic financial information such as the replacement value of equipment and wage roll.

2. A copy of your business plan including financial projections. You will be required to upload this as either a Adobe Acrobat PDF or Microsoft Word document. If a business plan does not yet exist, please upload a brief summary of the business.

*Research and Development for the purposes of this insurance application means that you have not previously made any commercial sales of any products within the business for which you are arranging insurance nor do you plan to do so in the forthcoming 12 months.

Please note that the information contained herein is provided by MFL and not by any individual incubator facility or association. 

To apply, read the terms and conditions and proceed to our quotation facility. Click here or use the link on the right hand side of this page.