Toby Hart, Managing Director, United Environmental Services

“Hayley, you are a credit to your company and yourself. Thank you for your relentless pursuit of what should have been a simple task on our part. Your endeavours are appreciated.” www.ues.org.uk


Tom Green, Managing Director, Greenward Associates

“Excellent, reliable, professional service.” www.greenward.net


John Wyer, Founder & Co-owner, Bowles & Wyer

“Thank you for your advice on this, I found your comments very helpful.” www.bowleswyer.co.uk


Fenella Lewin, Practice Manager, Footprint Ecology

“A few times times this year we have needed to get written confirmation that an increased level of cover would be available to us (when bidding for work with organisations with a higher expectation of PI cover). By the nature of the thing we need this written confirmation very quickly (to get the bid in on time), and each time it has been forthcoming within the time scale needed.” www.footprint-ecology.co.uk


Christopher Stratton, Landscape Architect

“I like the very straightforward and simple administration.”


Jacqueline Macleod, Chartered Landscape Consultant and Owner, Talamh Landscape Consultancy

“I was very happy with the advice I got with regards to an employment contract. Clauses that I should be wary of were highlighted, resulting in my negotiating a different contract. This was very much appreciated.”


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