Chris Workman, Architectural Technologist and Director, Chris Workman & Co

“Fantastic. My previous insurers didn’t get back to me ’til the due date even though I sent them the quotation forms back to them in January!”

“Having a 2 year break from CIAT Insurance Services,  I now see how good you are. I had a couple of issues that I put to my previous insurers and they were useless in getting back to me. All they wanted was my premium.”



Eddie Weir, Principal Partner and Founder, Eddie Weir Architectural Design Partnership

“Thank you very much for such a fabulous and comprehensive service.”



James Denby, Chartered Surveyor and Consultant, Morehouses Letting Ltd

“We are always looked after in a courteous and timely manner. Your advice has been appreciated.”



Tony Harrison, Director, MHD Architects

“The claim was aborted soon after notification but we were impressed by the swiftness and follow up of your advisor.”



Wendy Waters, former Practice Manager, The Landscape Practice

“Dealing with you personally made the whole exercise clear cut and understandable. We are pleased to have made the transition over to MFL as we feel you understand our business more than our previous insurers. We look forward to dealing with you again at next year’s renewal.”



Jane Kendall, Office Manager, Ecology Consultancy

“Brilliant. Thank you very much for the speedy response.”



Ignition NBS