Top Insurance Prize For MFL Director

By Karolyn Judge
Broker Of The Month - January 2012

McParland Finn Ltd (MFL) director Gary Housecroft is Catlin’s broker of the month for January.

We’re proud of our reputation as an esteemed specialist broker here at MFL. It’s reflected in one of the reasons Gary was selected for the UK division of the global insurance company’s award.

James McHugh, Catlin’s Regional Underwriting Director, said Gary is an “expert in his specialisms”. He continued: “His ethos closely matches our own – totally customer focused and with a commitment to service excellence. That’s important because we know he treats his clients in the same way that we treat ours.”

Gary added: “At MFL we have a simple yet compelling ethos; we help protect clients’ balance sheets and professional reputations.

“We do this by combining our own professional expertise with the very best service – from underwriting through to claims.”

Kevin McParland, MFL’s Managing Director said: “Gary fully deserves to receive the award for the effort he’s put into providing an excellent service to clients in the difficult and demanding business sector.”

Find out more about Gary’s accolade on the Catlin website.

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