Vicarious Liability: The Implications For Companies Providing Medical Care/Treatment

By Mark Philmore
Medical Professionals in a group

The latest technical bulletin from MFL Science & Technology’s new Medical Malpractice service, MedInsure.

Many healthcare professionals benefit from the protection of individual indemnity arrangements such as those provided by Medical Defence Organisations.

However, those that run private healthcare facilities need to be fully conversant with the potential risks that they face which fall outside of those protections and the NHS Indemnity.

The increase in private facilities, whether providing services to the NHS or other direct patient contact, is only likely to continue with ongoing Healthcare Reforms meaning that more businesses are at risk from actions from claimants against a backdrop of a general increase in litigation…

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About MedInsure

Businesses that provide medical treatment and care require specialist insurance expertise and consideration when formulating their insurance programmes.

This is particularly so in the prevailing litigious climate and in light of recent healthcare reforms.

MFL Science & Technology has extensive experience in advising clients & devising solutions for clients’ requirements in this sector.

As a result of this experience we have built strategic relationships to access exclusive markets and coverages.

This enables us to deliver quality advice and cost effective insurance programmes.

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